Parliament and the European Green Deal

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It might look cold but the winters here in Sweden are becoming warmer. Climate change means it is increasingly difficult for these Sami herders to find the moss and lichen under the snow that their reindeer feed on. “When it was warmer and there was more ice, it was an unusual winter, but now that winter has been so long. So now the unusual winter is a normal winter.” In November 2019, the European Parliament declared a climate and environmental emergency. A historic signal from MEPs that Europe is ready to act. The European Union has pledged to become climate-neutral by 2050 and MEPs want to make the targets along the way even more ambitious. “Parliament has been very vocal under this mandate to ask for enhanced goals for 2030. Today it’s 40%. What the majority wants so far is 55% of CO2 reductions in 2030 compared to 1990. We will see if we can find an agreement soon, which is my very strong wish. Soon, with the Council because we cannot afford to waste time.” At the heart of the European Green Deal is the Climate Law, which will make it obligatory under EU law to cut our emissions. We must build a sustainable economy, from transport to industry to agriculture. The Green Deal Investment Plan will mobilise at least €1 trillion public and private investments over the next decade supporting green technology, jobs and infrastructure. While the Just Transition Fund will ensure that no one is left behind – helping people employed in unsustainable sectors like coal to retrain for the jobs of tomorrow. What we eat and how we consume is also key. Like producing more sustainable food from closer to home through the Farm to Fork strategy; protecting the biodiversity and the pollinators, which we rely on; and reducing our waste, creating a truly circular economy by reusing and recycling. The European Parliament will be there at every step to make sure the Green Deal turns Europe into a truely green continent through ambitious laws and has the necessary funding and vision to live up to its ambitions.

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