The Path to the Digital Decade

The Path to the Digital Decade is the Commission’s proposal to set up a governance framework to ensure Europe reaches its 2030 Digital Decade objectives. This governance framework will be based on an annual cooperation mechanism involving the Commission and Member States. The Commission would first develop projected EU trajectories for each target together with the Member States, which would in turn propose national strategic roadmaps to attain them.

Translation in International Sign

The cooperation mechanism would consist of
•    a structured, transparent and shared monitoring system based on the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) to measure progress towards each of the 2030 targets
•    an annual ‘Report on the state of the Digital Decade’ in which the Commission evaluates progress and provides recommendations for actions
•    multiannual digital decade strategic roadmaps in which the Member States outline adopted or planned policies and measures in support of the 2030 targets
•    a structured framework to discuss and address areas of insufficient progress through joint commitments between the Commission and the Member States;
•    a mechanism to support the implementation of multi-country projects

Multi-country projects

To reach the digital targets and objectives, the European Commission will accelerate and facilitate the launch of multi-country projects, large-scale projects that no single Member State could develop on its own.

These projects could

  • combine investments from the EU budget, including from the Recovery and Resilience Facility, from Member States, and the private sector
  • address gaps in the identified critical capacities of the EU
  • support an interconnected, interoperable and secure Digital Single Market

The Commission has identified an initial list of multi-country projects. This list includes areas for investment such as data infrastructure, low-power processors, 5G communicationhigh performance computing, secure quantum communication, public administrationblockchaindigital innovation hubs and digital skills.

Example of a potential multi-country project

The EU could deploy a network of Security Operations Centres, powered by AI, to anticipate, detect and respond to cyberattacks at national and EU level. 

The European Digital Infrastructure Consortium is a new instrument to help interested Member States speed up and simplify the implementation multi-country projects. 

20% Percentage of the Recovery and Resilience Facility each EU country should dedicate to the digital transition

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