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Access for all – Workshop event

26 May 2022 The Multiplier Event will take place on the 26th of May 2022, in Marseille. There will be representatives of the 31 national deaf federations who will attend. 

The Path to the Digital Decade

The Path to the Digital Decade is the Commission’s proposal to set up a governance framework to ensure Europe reaches its 2030 Digital Decade objectives. This governance framework will be based on an annual cooperation mechanism involving the Commission and Member States. The…

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital technology is changing people’s lives. The EU’s digital strategy aims to make this transformation work for people and businesses, while helping to achieve its target of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. Translation in International Sign Digital Europe programme 2021-2027 In 2018,…

Zero Pollution Action Plan

We need to reduce pollution in the EU and beyond. Our new Zero Pollution vision will help us live in a toxic-free environment. We will fight air and noise pollution, improve water and soil quality, revive damaged natural ecosystems, we will tackle harmful chemicals, pesticides, marine…
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