MEPs demand more transparency on Covid-19 vaccines

Historical mass vaccination has started across the EU to curb the Covid-19 pandemic. In an unprecedented global approach, the European Commission is centralising vaccine contract negotiations and purchases for the bloc. Imagine the chaos if we had 27 different contracts, 27 different prices, 27 different access rules, 27 different start dates for vaccination. In total, some 2 billion doses have been secured by the EU. In line with national strategies, the first people to receive the Covid-19 vaccines are the elderly, the clinically vulnerable and medical staff. While members of the European Parliament fully support the EU strategy, they are calling for more openness on how the Commission deals with vaccine contracts, authorisations and supplies. How can we, as representatives for European citizens, be happy with only partial transparency? We want total transparency on certain key elements, important information that deserves to be made publicly available. MEPs have been allowed to see one of the vaccine contracts in secure reading rooms, but many important clauses in the agreement have been taken out. To date, two vaccines have been authorised by the European Medicines Agency and an authorisation for a third one is expected at the end of January. MEPs want more insight into the decision-making process. Parliament says the best way to avoid uncertainty and misinformation surrounding Covid-19 vaccines is through transparency and openness.

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