International partnerships for the Digital Decade

The EU will promote its human-centred digital agenda on the global stage and promote alignment or convergence with EU norms and standards. It will also ensure the security and resilience of its digital supply chains and deliver global solutions. 

Translation in International Sign

These will be achieved by

  • setting a toolbox combining regulatory cooperation, addressing capacity building and skills, investment in international cooperation and research partnerships
  • designing digital economy packages financed through initiatives that bring together the EU, Member States, private companies, like-minded partners and international financial institutions
  • combining EU internal investments  and external cooperation instruments
  • investing in improved connectivity with the EU’s partners, for example through a possible Digital Connectivity Fund



Use of technology to fight climate change and environmental challenges

Next steps

The Commission will discuss and engage with Member States, the European Parliament, regional and economic and social partners and businesses on specific elements of the Communication in the course of 2021.

Building on this effort, the Commission will aim to progress towards the Inter-institutional declaration on Digital Principles by end the of 2021 and develop projected trajectories for each target of the Path to the Digital Decade together with the Member States. 

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