Europe’s Digital Decade: digital targets for 2030

Europe aims to empower businesses and people in a human-centred, sustainable and more prosperous digital future.

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On 9 March 2021, the Commission presented a vision and avenues for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030. This Digital Compass for the EU’s digital decade evolves around four cardinal points:

Government, Skills, Business, Infrastructure 


ICT Specialists: 20 million  + Gender convergence

Basic Digital Skills: min 80% of population

Digital transformation of businesses

Tech up-take: 75% of EU companies using Cloud/AI/Big Data

Innovators: grow scale ups & finance to double EU Unicorns

Late adopters: more than 90% of SMEs reach at least a basic level of digital intensity

Secure and sustainable digital infrastructures

Connectivity: Gigabit for everyone, 5G everywhere

Cutting edge Semiconductors: double EU share in global production

Data – Edge & Cloud: 10,000 climate neutral highly secure edge nodes

Computing: first computer with quantum acceleration

 Digitalisation of public services

Key Public Services: 100% online

e-Health: 100% of citizens having access to medical records

Digital Identity: 80% citizens using digital ID

The Commission will pursue the EUʼs digital ambitions for 2030 through concrete terms:

  • targets and projected trajectories
  • a robust joint governance framework to monitor progress and address insufficiencies
  • multi-country projects combining investments from the EU, Member States and the private sector
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