10,000 officers for the European Border and Coast Guard Agency

Europe has more than 13,000 km of external borders on land and nearly 66,000 km at sea. To strengthen those borders, Parliament is revising the European Border and Coast Guard Agency. Under the plans the Agency will get a new corps of 10,000 staff by 2027. Agents will be tasked with policing borders, tackling organised crime and managing migration. We would like our citizens to continue enjoying freedom of movement at the internal borders. We need to secure the external borders. That’s what this agency and this regulation aims to do. In the event of an emergency, like the migrant crisis of 2015, countries will be able to call on its rapid intervention force for assistance. The changes will see the introduction of fundamental rights monitors, to ensure the agency respects human rights, especially when dealing with migrants or asylum seekers. You have to be fair with those who deserve protection, harsh with those who are preying on the vulnerable and firm with those who are seeking to break the rules. When it comes to those who have broken immigration rules, the Agency will support EU governments: identifying irregular migrants, obtaining necessary travel documents and facilitating their return.

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