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Accessible democratic processes for all: leave no one behind the European Parliament

Making the European Parliament more accessible for the deaf EU citizens: raising awareness on the post-COVID 19 recovery plan in an accessible way. 

Making information and communications accessible for the deaf Europeans is more crucial than ever, as the recent research conducted by EUD showed that deaf persons lack accessible information from the European level. During the COVID-19 pandemic EUD has interviewed 31 National Associations of the Deaf and collected information from the national level. The findings showed that deaf communities lack accessible information not from the national level authorities, but from the European level, especially about the recovery actions from the Covid-19 crisis. 

1.       Deaf citizens show interest in EU affairs:  

EUD would like to highlight that EUD’s previous collaborations with the European Parliament were extremely successful and received a lot of attention from the deaf communities in the EU (‘This Time I’m Voting campaign’). EUD would also like to emphasise that the European Commission increased its efforts in making information more accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic and this should be an example for other EU institutions.  

Deaf people and especially deaf human rights advocates or policy makers are active players on the national level, engage closely with their governments and influence them, therefore it is in the interest of the European Parliament to ensure that they are informed on the EU level actions more, so the processes on the national level are in line with the values of the EU; 

2.       Deaf communities are minority communities and citizens who are less likely to already be involved in EU action in some way, therefore targeting them is essential: 

Deaf Europeans are one of the largest linguistic minority in Europe, and is very often overlooked and left behind as essential information is not accessible in sign languages. And the knowledge on the EU’s actions is a huge gap so a bridge is essential to include visual content along with International Sign which will give them the understanding of the EU at the very start.   Also, deaf Europeans turned more demanding towards the European Union, specifically since the outbreak of the Covid19-pandemic. 

This project is co-financed by the European Union in the frame of the European Parliament’s grant programme in the field of communication. European Parliament have its support for EUD to produce 4 current COVID-19 recovery topics including the interviews with MEPs and webinars:

  • European Green Deal
  • EU Migrants and Asylum
  • EU Vaccination Strategy
  • EU Digital Transformation

All the information will be on for 18 months starting from January 2021.

“The action was co-financed by the European Union in the frame of the European Parliament’s grant programme in the field of communication. The European Parliament was not involved in its preparation and is, in no case, responsible for or bound by the information or opinions expressed in the context of this action. In accordance with applicable law, the authors, interviewed people, publishers or programme broadcasters are solely responsible. The European Parliament can also not be held liable for direct or indirect damage that may result from the implementation of the action.”


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